How long will a 5.5kW Lithium Battery run a 1000W load?

To calculate how long your 5.5 kW lithium battery will run a 1000 W load, you can use the formula:

Run Time (hours) = Battery Capacity (kWh) / Load (kW)

Given that your battery capacity is 5.5kW and your load is 1kW:

Run Time (hours) = 5.5kW / 1kW = 5.5 hours

So, your 5.5 kW lithium battery would run a 1000 W load for approximately 5.5 hours before it is fully depleted. Keep in mind that this calculation assumes an ideal scenario without any efficiency losses or other factors that could affect the actual runtime.

*Important to note here is that Lithium batteries should only be discharged to 80% of its capacity, meaning:

80% of 5.5Kw Battery is 4.4Kw therefore a 1kW load will run for 4.4hours

Similarly, a Deep Cycle Gel battery is suggested to only discharge to 50% meaning a 5.5kW battery bank would give you 2.75kW of usable discharge consumption.

Meaning: 2.75kW  / 1 kW = 2.75 hours

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