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Sailer Variable Speed Drive

This Variable Speed Drive is suitable for the industrial engineering and commercial engineering field, through the Variable Speed Drive unique

Emotron Variable Frequency Drive

Emotron VFX variable frequency drives (VFD) optimises the operation of your cranes, crushers, mills and mixers. Your process is protected

Siemens VFD Medium-Voltage Air-Cooled VFD

Product model: SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY GH180Voltage: 3.3kW/6.6kW/11kWPower range: 0.12 to 24.4 MVA (150 HP to 28000 HP)Multi-cell voltage source inverter featuring H-Bridge Perfect Harmony technology (H-Bridge VSI) with an integrated transform

Hiconics HIVERT Series Medium Voltage VFD

Multipulse phase shift transformer, unique cooling system and high heat dissipation efficiency with multiple power cells cascaded technology.Voltage: 3.3kV/6.6kV/11kVPower Range: 125kW to 22,000kWCurrent Range: from 35A to 1540A

Baumer Hubner Tacho generator TDP 0.2 LT-4

Rotary Speed Sensor (DC tachogenerator / twin DC tachogenerator) for drive, control and measurement technology in all industries with high

LV AC Siemens Motor

IE2 & IE3 Siemens 1LE0101 – LV AC Motor range LV AC Siemens Motor electric motors are synonymous with quality,

5kVA Solar System

This 5kVA Solar System is a complete package to save you electricity. The combo consists of 6 330w polycrystalline PV

Semi Flex PV Panels

The new Semi-Flex PV Panels is ideal for permanent installations on trailers and vehicles. The ETFE encapsulation of our Semi-Flex

Ark Lithium LV Battery System

The Growatt Ark Lithium LV Battery System has a modular design. Extra batteries can be stacked on top of each

Growatt Solar Inverter

Growatt Solar Inverter has a pure sine wave output inverter also just for 120VAC power supply system. It is perfect

UPS System

This system is a 5kVA Solar Inverter that has 0% of the full PV Capacity. And therefore works as a

Growatt Smart WIFI-F

GROWATT SMART WIFI-F FEATURES Cable Free Easy Installation 50 Meters Long Range Wide Coverage Built In Storage 1 Month Data

Performance Laptops

*Product image may differ from actual product**Dispatched 3 - 5 working days*

Budget Computer

*Product image may differ from actual product**Dispatched 3 - 5 working days*

Office Workstation

*Product image may differ from actual product**Dispatched 3 – 5 working days*

50W Solar Street Light

Solar Panel Power- 18V 75W High efficiency monocrystaline silicone Lifetime- 25 Years Battery : 30AH Lithium Battery with 5 years

Heater Controllers

FEATURES Adjustable Cycle and span time dv/dt protection Fuse Protection CE Approved (Optional) Less than 1% Harmonics Supply Frequency :

LED Solar Bollard Light

5W LED bollard light Colour Temp: 2700k 4.2V / 4.4 AH Size: 205 Diameter x 800mm Height Material: Aluminum die

LED Tubes T8

LED Tubes T8, takes the place of your Florescent Tubes allowing you to save up to 50% in energy consumption

Mini Sub Transformers

11-0.415 kV Mini-Sub Aluminum Transformer-ONAN Taps ±5%, ±2.5%,0, Vector Group: Dyn11

Pylontech Lithium Battery

Nominal Voltage (V): 48 Nominal Capacity (Wh): 3552 Usable Capacity (Wh): 3374.4 Dimension (mm): 442*420*132 Weight (Kg): 32 Discharge Voltage

Saftronics Lead SG12-200 Battery

Batt-AGC-12-200-L-CSP General Features Nanometer SiO2 and H2SO4 gelled electrolyte technology for efficiency gas recombination of us to 99% and freedom

Shaft Power Monitor

The Emotron M20 shaft power monitor protects your pumps and other equipment against damage and downtime. Early warnings allow for