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Bluesun Hybrid Solar System — 6kW / 12kW

R 53 215.00R 175 326.00 Excl . VAT
Invest in the future with our Bluesun Hybrid Solar Power System, an intelligent and eco-conscious choice for powering your home. Embrace renewable energy and enjoy the benefits of lower electricity bills, reduced environmental impact, and energy independence.

Growatt Solar Inverter ES – 3.5kVA/5kVA

R 7 054.00R 8 500.00 Excl . VAT
  • Integrated MPPT charge controller
  • Equalization charging function
  • Work with or without battery
  • PV input voltage up to 450VDC
  • Configurable grid or solar input priority
  • WIFI remote monitoring
  • Support parallel operation for capacity expansion up to 30kW
  • PV and grid power the load jointly if PV energy is insufficient
  • Flexibly schedule the Inverter charging and discharging time
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