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Bluesun 30/50/100kW Inverter With Isolation Transformer

R 201 710.00R 493 810.00 Incl . VAT
  • Prediction intelligent battery management and discharge time.
  • CAN and RS485 communication interface, modbus protocol.
  • Seamless transfer between on and off grid.
  • Strong load adaptability.
  • Perfect protection function to protect inverters and batteries.
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Bluesun 5.5kW Off Grid Hybrid Inverter

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Bluesun BSM-5500BLV-48 Capacity : 5.5kVA/5.5kW
  • Max Parallel to 12 Units
  • Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring
  • Supporting 48V Lithium Battery
  • Wide PV input: 120vdc-500vdc
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Bluesun 6kW Single Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter

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Model: BSE6KL1 PV Input •  Max Input Power : 9000W • Max PV Voltage : 550V • MPPT Range : 80V-500V • Max Input Current : 18.5A x 2 AC Output • Max Continuous Current : 28A • Max Continuous Power : 6kVA • Nominal AC Voltage L-N : 220V / 230V Battery • Max. Charge/Discharge Power : 4.8kW • Max. Charge/Discharge Current : 80A • Battery Voltage Range : 40~60V *Dispatched in 3-5 Working Days **Please wait for order collection instructions before collecting

Bluesun 8/10/12/15kW Three Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter

R 36 455.00R 52 770.05 Incl . VAT
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Bluesun On-Grid Solar Inverter 50kW/100kW

This type of inverter is well-protected and suitable for outdoor use and easy to install.
  • Power : 50KW/100KW/
  • Voltage: MPPT 250V ~ 1000V
  • Size: 600*860*294mm
  • Certificate : IEC62109 / IEC61000 / IEC62116 /IEC61727 / EN50549 / CQC / CGC
  • Warranty: 5/10 YEARS

Growatt Solar Inverter ES – 3.5kVA/5kVA

R 8 112.10R 9 775.00 Incl . VAT
  • Integrated MPPT charge controller
  • Equalization charging function
  • Work with or without battery
  • PV input voltage up to 450VDC
  • Configurable grid or solar input priority
  • WIFI remote monitoring
  • Support parallel operation for capacity expansion up to 30kW
  • PV and grid power the load jointly if PV energy is insufficient
  • Flexibly schedule the Inverter charging and discharging time
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Growatt Smart WIFI-F

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  • Cable Free Easy Installation
  • 50 Meters Long Range Wide Coverage
  • Built In Storage 1 Month Data
  • Online Monitoring and Maintenance
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