Welcome to Saftronics

Our History

Saftronics for nearly 60 Years – Saftronics was founded in 1966. Bonne Posma, the entrepreneurial founder of the company, noticed a gap in the South African power electronics market. Although the market was vigorous, and growing, there was not a single local company competing for the business; everything bought and sold in this sector was imported. This, he realised, presented a business opportunity. Trusting his instincts, Posma registered a company. For a name, he combined the letters, ‘SA’ (for South Africa) with a contraction of the word, ‘electronics’ to form a new word, ‘Saftronics.’ That was the beginning of the first local power electronics company in South Africa. From this, Saftronics grew into the specialised group of companies it is today; still serving the needs of a vibrant industry. In just over a decade, Saftronics grew big and profitable enough to attract the interest of one of South Africa’s large building construction groups, Murray and Roberts. M&R made Posma an offer. He accepted. M&R merged Saftronics with Stone Platt Electrical, a company in their own stable, to form a larger and more powerful entity, Amalgamated Power. This repositioning did not last. Within months, M&R switched back to the more familiar, and by then trusted name, Saftronics. Six years later, Saftronics changed hands again, this time attracting the interest of the Stratcon Group of companies. Stratcon acquired Saftronics to complement Stratford Engineering, a company that manufactured mechanical power transmission equipment. For the next 13 years Saftronics flourished. Then, in 1999, a consortium of three investors bought the business, reversing the company into an ‘off the shelf’ entity acquired for this purpose. Aligning itself with the vision created by founder, Bonne Posma, nearly half a century earlier, Saftronics continues to lead local developments in power electronics; not only in South Africa, but increasingly in Africa.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: to become your strategic partner, providing the best total
solution for your application.

Our success in achieving this simple goal stems from an ingrained determination to sell and maintain the most appropriate cost-efficient power electronic products available on the market. It’s a policy defined by forward planning, specialised diversification, and reliable service and maintenance policies. More succinctly, Saftronics strives to provide better products at better prices with exceptional levels of service.

Our Expertise

Our Technical Services team offer high quality service and support, is staffed by factory trained technicians with formal qualifications in their area of expertise and aim to meet and then exceed our customers’ expectations. With a commitment to providing a 24 hour service, our technical team deliver:

  • Global onsite support services
  • Spare parts management
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Implementation
  • Procurement
  • Compliance audits
  • Supplier and service level agreement
  • Testing and commissioning

Our technicians’ extensive experience ensures that all equipment is installed and commissioned according to the manufacturer’s recommended standards, providing optimal performance from day one